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Derma Boost Serum - Oily & Sensitive Skin 100ml

Derma Boost Serum - Oily & Sensitive Skin 100ml

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The Derma Booster for oily and sensitive skin contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

This booster:

  • Helps balances sebum production
  • Reduces the size of pores and prevents pore blockages
  • Balances development of bacterial flora in the hair follicles
  • Reduces irritation and contributes to a balanced, matte skin appearance
  • Increases skin hydration, thus enables proper skin functioning


Epilobium Angustifolium Extract – This anti-inflammatory extract, a first-aid remedy for irritated and inflamed skin, is produced from the willow herb plant.

It contains the oenothein B bio-active molecule – an antioxidant and anti-bacterial (especially the P. acne bacteria). This molecule inhibits the 5a-reductase enzyme, which catalyzes steroid metabolism. It has a non-steroid soothing effect, reducing redness caused by chemicals or sun exposure within 30 minutes.


SEPICONTROL A5 – This complex combines glycine, a known skin purifier, and cinnamon bark extract, which has astringent properties. It targets the five main causes of imbalanced oily skin:

  • Prevents bacterial proliferation
  • Boosts the skin immune system and inhibits inflammations
  • Controls hyper-keratinization
  • Has an anti-seborrhea effect
  • Balances production of unsaturated fatty acids, by preventing oxidization


100ml Sold to Professional Clinics Only.

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