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LA EXO ExoGiov® Bio-Pulsed Exosomes (Silver)

LA EXO ExoGiov® Bio-Pulsed Exosomes (Silver)

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LA EXO ExoGiov® Bio-Pulsed Exosomes (Silver)

Includes 5ml vials (5 total per box).  4 Billion EVs/Vial (stored at room temperature)

ExoGiov® ingredient was recently a Top 5 finalist in the Estee Lauder competition in 2024 against 100 other companies.

ExoGiov® has shown that it can increase the expression of type 1 Collagen by 389%, type 3 Collagen to 299% and Elastin to 390% in human skin fibroblasts.

ExoGiov® helps with Anti-Aging, Firm and Repair Skin, Smooths out Fine Lines, Revitalizes and Strengthens Hair Roots. 

Exosomes are derived from Chicken Egg, where the embryonic MSCs were isolated, cultured and processed with our Bio-Pulsed (patented) technology.  Exosomes are purified, isolated and then lyophilized. Our studies have shown they more effective than human exosomes.

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