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X-Stream - Hydra-Dermabrasion Solution - AHA PHA LHA ENZYME (17.2 fl oz) - Kit of 6 bottles

X-Stream - Hydra-Dermabrasion Solution - AHA PHA LHA ENZYME (17.2 fl oz) - Kit of 6 bottles

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X-Stream - Hydra-Dermabrasion Solution - AHA PHA LHA ENZYME (17.2 fl oz) - Kit of 6 bottles


X-Stream is a professional peeling and
hydration solution for Hydra Dermabrasion

X-Stream delivers all-inclusive treatment that address most fundamental skin problems including Oily & Sensitive skin, Dehydrated skin, Rough skin, Combination skin and Sun-damaged skin.

X-Stream works synergistically when used with EVE, but also works really well with other Hydradermabrasion machines.


How X-Stream works

With unique spiral vortex tip of EVE, X-Stream removes wastes and absorbs
the active ingredients of the solution into the skin

One Incredible Solution for All Skin Types

Dead Skin Cell Control: Dead skin cells were reduced by 92%.
Sebum Control: Sebum was reduced by 30%
Blackheads and Whiteheads: Blackheads and whiteheads were reduced by 27%.
Skin Texture: Skin texture and roughness were reduced by 6% immediately after use.
Skin Moisture: The skin moisture was increased compared to before the use of X-Stream

X-Stream is a 4 in 1 solution mixed with the most popular peeling ingredients of AHA, PHA, and the 4th generation of LHA, and a new formula of enzyme. It is made with low acid to remove dead skin cells and waste. With PH5.5, there is no irritation or burden on the skin, and fewer fibrous foreign substances.

Optimal ratio of AHA, PHA and LHA acids: The solution is highly effective and also suitable for sensitive skin

Citric acid (AHA, Alpha Hydroxy Acid) - A water-soluble acid, thanks to which it acts only on the surface of the skin. As it is not fat-soluble and does not penetrate deep into the skin, it is gentler than BHA or LHA acids. It removes dead skin cells very well.

Lactobionic acid (PHA, Polyhydroxyalkanoates) - PHA acids are the gentlest acids for skin exfoliation, soluble in water. Lactobionic acid also acts as an antioxidant , moisturizes and soothes the skin and is very well tolerated even by sensitive skin.

Capryloyl salicylic acid (LHA, Lipohydroxy Acid) - LHA acid is fat-soluble, it penetrates deeper into the skin than AHA or PHA acids. You can therefore expect the same effects as from BHA acids - they can dissolve the contents of pores and fight acne very effectively. However, while the BHA salicylic acid only has a pH of around 3, capryloyl salicylic acid is around 5, which is much closer to the skin's natural pH. This makes LHA acid more gentle than BHA and is better tolerated by sensitive skin. 

Bromelain Enzyme- Enzyme obtained from the root of pineapples. It has anti-inflammatory effects. The substance is very well tolerated even by sensitive skin.

Niacinamide - vitamin B3, a very well-known ingredient worldwide beneficial for all skin types. Optically shrinks pores, unifies skin tone, helps reduce acne, positively affects skin structure.

Hyaluronic acid - a humectant that increases skin hydration.

Using the Eve Hydrodermabrasion system you can get 8-10 treatments out of a single X-Stream bottle!  Amount of treatments per bottle will vary depending on your flow setting.

You can use this in any Hydradermabrasion system you currently own.  Just fill your existing bottles with the X-Stream serum, get great results and save money!

Warning: The product is only intended for professional use only.


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